VERBATIM LED Microwave Sensor Tube T8 18W 240V 2000lm 5000K

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Verbatim LED T8 tubes are a mercury-free, flicker-free and instant-on alternative for fluorescent tubes in T8 fixtures with conventional control gear. They provide high energy savings with a long lifetime of 30.000 hours. A replacement starter is included with every tube.

The latest addition to the T8 range features 5.8GHz microwave sensor technology. The movement sensor conserves energy by reducing the power output of the tube to 20% when there is no activity. When movement triggers the sensor in the tube it increases to full brightness. Ideal for general lighting in car parks, garages, offices, workshops and warehouses.


-No re-wiring needed for T8 fluroscent tube fixtures with starter and choke/coil ballast (CCG type T8 fluroscent)
-LED starter included as a set
-5.8GHz microwave sensor technology
-5000K CCT Daylight
-30 seconds full power output when activated
-20% standby lighting
-80kWh energy saving per year (assuming the tube is activated 30% of the time)
-Wattage: 18W
-Wattage Equivilant: 36W
-Luminous flux: 2000lm
-Voltage: 100-240V AC
-Dimensions (LxD): 1198 x 27.5mm
-Beam Angle: 140 degrees
-5000K daylight


Model: 65493