AQUALUX LED MR16 GEN2 3w 12-24v GX5.3 3000k | 5500K | Red | Green | Blue | Amber | 40deg° Non Dim

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Current Price $18.65

The Aqualux GEN2 3W MR16 Lamp improves on the previous generation 4W 250 lumen to an increased lumen output of 300 Lumen at less power consumption. This MR16 has been designed to be an LED drop-in and as the ideal landscape lighting globe. Operating from 12V - 24V AC/DC, it will compensate for a voltage drop across a cable run allowing for smaller gauge cable to be used, resulting in lower costs and installation headaches.

This MR16 is ideal for outdoor and enclosed fittings purposely built for garden lighting, with various colour options available to give your garden a bit of colour in your life.


  • MR16 design with a GX5.3 base
  • IP44 Weatherproof lamp
  • Available in 3000k Warm white light Red | Blue | Green| Amber
  • Seoul Semi 3030 LED
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • Long life of 30,000 hours
  • Resistant to shock and water splash


  • Home and residential
  • Landscape
  • Architechtural
  • Accent lighting

Dimensions: 46mm x 50mm Ø