PHILIPS SmartBright LED Tri Colour MR16 5W 12V GU5.3 3/4/6.5K 60deg° Dimmable


The Philips Smart Bright LED MR16 has been updated to a newer model, as a dimmable 5 watt lamp with a GU5.3 base and tri-colour option. Suitable for a range of fixtures, such as downlights, wall lights and spotlights.  

The tri colour feature selectable by dip switch allows for greater flexibility if you are unsure which light colour you prefer.


  • Luminous Flux: 500-550lm
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • 5W = 50W incandescent equivalent
  • Color Temperature: 3000/4000/6500K
  • Wide 60° beam angle
  • 100% instant full light
  • 15,000 hour life
  • CRI: 80

Dimensions: 45.5mm x 50.5mm

Model #: 8720169300910, 3CTMR16DIM