VERBATIM LED Tube T8 1500mm 2400lm 24W 240V 4000K | 6500K Non dimmable


Verbatim LED T8 tubes are a mercury-free, flicker-free and instant-on alternative for fluorescent tubes in T8 fixtures with conventional control gear. Available in different colour temperatures, they provide high energy savings with a long lifetime of 30,000 hours. This makes Verbatim T8 LED Tubes particularly suitable for commercial applications like car parks, garages, offices, workshops and warehouses or any places that have long operation hours and replacement of lighting is difficult and expensive. Most importantly, it is safe and hassle-free to migrate from traditional fluorescent fixtures to Verbatim T8 LED Tube without any electrical re-wiring. A replacement starter is included with every tube.


-Perfect for replacing traditional 58W 1500mm T8 fluorescent tube
-No re-wiring needed for T8 fluorescent tube fixtures with starter and choke/coil ballast (CCG type T8 fluorescent)
-50% power saving over T8 fluorescent tube
-LED starter included as a set
-UV- and IR-free light for less heat and protection for heat sensitive objects
-Lifetime of 30,000 hrs
-Wattage: 24W
-Wattage Equivilant: 58W
-Voltage: 100-240V AC
-Dimensions (LxD): 1500 x 27.5mm
-Beam Angle: 200 degrees


Model: 65442, 65788, 66213, 66214