Philips SmartBright Outdoor Weatherproof LED Batten Tri Colour & Dual Power 20W (600mm) | 40W (1200mm)


The Philips SmartBright weather proof batten is available in both 600mm and 1,200mm lengths, the new tri-colour/dual power weatherproof batten is an ideal replacement for 1x18W and 1x36W T8 weatherproof battens.

The new range offers high efficacy and high output of bespoke quality light, plus an excellent service life and warranty which makes it an ideal and flexible choice for your outdoor applications.


  • Available in 600mm and 1,200mm lengths
  • Power selectable: 600mm 10/20W & 1200mm 20/40W
  • Lighting output: 600mm 1000/2000lm & 1200mm 2000/4000lm
  • Colour temperatures selectable: 4000/5000/6500K
  • Quick clip cover removal – fast and easy installation
  • Long service life with excellent reliability
  • High degree of protection for outdoor applications (IP65/IK08)
  • Beam angle: 110°
  • Mounting type: Surface mount with bracket
  • Dimensions:

      600mm: L 656mm x W 107mm x H 72mm
     1200mm: L 1,265mm x W 107mm x H 72mm


  • All general outdoor building applications
  • Commercial, office and industrial properties
  • Factories, parking garages, correctional facilities, underpasses, airports etc.