PHILIPS LED Circular Tube T8 G10Q Dia 298mm 20W 220-240V


PHILIPS LED Circular integrates a LED light source into a traditional fluorescent tube. It is specially designed to replace fluorescent circular tubes working on a G10q fitting. The lamp offers significant energy savings and a long lifetime, in a similar form factor. It is the equivalent of a 32W fluoro circular (298/300mm Ø)


  • Comes with LED starter (fuse).
  • Suitable for use with electromagnetic ballast (EM)
  • Not Suitable for use with electronic ballast (HF).
  • Can operate on main power.
  • Cannot be used with fluorescent lamps.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Cap-Base : G10Q
  • Nominal lifetime : 30,000 hr
  • Color Code : 4000K and 6500K
  • Luminous Flix : 2000lm
  • Power Consumption : 20W
  • Wattage equivalent : 32W
  • Diameter : 298mm Ø
  • Dimmble : No

Model : 8718699645335, 8718699645359, G10QLED20W840, G10QLED20W865