DIGINET LEDSmart Push Button Dimmer with built in on/off switch and multi-way control

Original Price $81.95
Current Price $77.50

Diginet LEDSmart Push Button Dimmer is designed in Australia to provide optimised dimming of LED based lamps and drivers, this high quality, two-wire phase control dimmer can be connected in parallel to other LEDsmart+ devices to provide a simple solution to multi-way control.

Although optimised for LED lighting loads, the dimmer also provides excellent compatibility with other common lamp types such as incandescent lamps, 12V halogen (dichroic) lamps and dimmable CFL’s.

The standard when it comes to dimming, compatible with most residential down lights listed on The Light Guys, check specific products for details.


  • Suitable for one-way, twoway, three-way and multi-way dimming
  • MultiMate™ technology allows multi-way dimming / switching with no extra wires
  • Suitable for both retrofit and new installations
  • Programmable minimum level, maximum level, kickstart, off state indicator and more
  • Active only ‘two wire’ connection - no neutral required
  • Push and hold to dim up/down
  • No separate switch required - built in tap on / tap off switch
  • Quiet, soft press button – no harsh click
  • Illuminated halo with interchangeable coloured bezels (blue/green/orange/clear)
  • Dim to OFF with most LED light sources
  • Kid’s bedroom mode – double tap when on to dim down over 30 minutes
  • Wake up mode – double tap when off to dim up over 30 minutes
  • Selectable fall-back LED Indicator level
  • 1W minimum load


  • Voltage: 220-240V AC
  • Line Voltage Frequency:  50Hz Nominal (47-53Hz)
  • Load Brightness Control Range: 0% to 100% (typical for LED loads)
  • Wattage (power range): 1-400W
  • Minimum Load: 1W
  • Maximum cable distance from any LEDsmart+ device to the parallel junction point: 50m (for example, two dimmers can be separated by up to 100m provided that the maximum distance from the furthest dimmer to the parallel junction point is no more than 50m) 
  • Dimensions: 42mm x 22mm x 24mm 
  • Incompatible Load Types: Ceiling Sweep Fans and Exhaust fans
  • Dimmable

Model: MMDM/PB