Improve the security of your business or home with these simple measures!

Improve the security of your business or home with these simple measures!

Winter darkness is coming

Winter is almost here in land down under, and when winter is does the darkness. Don't leave your business or home a target for opportunists, vagrants and vandals and improve the security of your home with these simple lighting tips.

Tip #1: Install Secure IK rated lighting in problem spots of your home or business

Light is a simple and effective solution to deterring unwanted attention, but a security light is only as good as it's build quality.

IK or impact resistance rating, is an essential component to a good security light. It not only provides durability against weather, or make it difficult for vandals to take out your lights, but at home could potentially save Billy and his mates from getting into trouble from that poorly timed footy kick or hit for 6.

IK Ratings range from IK00 to a maximum IK10 rating, anything higher than IK07+ is considered a security graded unit suitable for trouble spots.

So protect your home/warehouse/office with some recommended fittings below:

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Tip #2: Link said secure lighting with a range of daylight or motion sensors

Combining your lighting with a daylight or motion sensor is the next level of lighting. Pairing it up with a smart camera system goes a long way too. Differing types of motion sensors can be found below:
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...No space? or don't want new wiring, why not try these all in one units?

All in one units are great for a quick retrofit solution, when you don't have a big budget to spare, or just want to quickly replace your aging existing security solution without too much electrical labour cost. Some recommended fittings below:
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Tip #3 Make sure your lights are bright enough and the right colour temperature to deter the undesirables

There's nothing worse than the wrong type of light fixture like a cheap DIY solar fitting to replace a proper solid security light. It ends up being more an liability, particularly when the security lighting ends up providing vagrants with their own personalized night light rather than a deterrent!

Choose Cool white 4k+ and above colour temperatures so it doesn't provide a warm and inviting environment.

Warm white homeless
The wrong colour temperature lighting

The cooler colours psychologically makes the area look colder and less inviting, particularly in winter times.

Tip #4 Position your lighting correctly

Position your lights correctly, common mistakes are placing lighting where the light can be diffused such as behind tree's, creating a soft diffused light, or placing lights too high where the light may not even be effective!

bad lighting tunnel graffiti
Lighting an inconspicuous area may cause more probelms than solve like the above tunnel

Lighting up walls to prevent graffiti can be a tricky issue as well, this is only effective if the wall is in a conspicuous area where the general public can see if it's getting vandalized. Otherwise we at TLG only recommend lighting up walls only when backed with a HD video security system to catch the vandals in the act.
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