Bathroom exhaust & heating, what size heat light do I need?

Bathroom exhaust & heating, what size heat light do I need?

Bathroom heating & Exhaust, 3 in 1's, 2 in 1's combinations, can be really confusing, especially when trying to work out how you heat you need, here at TLG we'll break this all down for you.

Bathroom heat lights come in 3 basic functions

3 in 1 combinations

3 in 1 combinations combine heat, light and exhaust extractions all in one solution. They usually come with replaceable 275w heat lamps like this to provide the heat and a R63 style lamp like this for the general lighting.

 The most popular form factor are 4 heat lamps and 2 heat lamp combinations, though 3 heat lamp fixtures are available on special request.

So what fixture should I choose? It really depends on the size of your bathroom and we've put in a table below to help you choose the right light fixture.

 SMALL - MEDIUM BATHROOMS up to 6sqm @ 2.4M High Ceilings* MEDIUM - LARGE BATHROOMS up to 10sqm @ 2.7M High Ceilings*


 * Rough guide only

Handy tips when positioning your 3 in 1 combinations:

- Position near shower area's or area's where the most steam will be created, though not directly above the shower. Ideal locations are just outside of the shower where you can maximize the heat straight out of the shower, or area where you plan on drying

- Before installation, check that you have enough roof recess to fit the unit, especially when your bathroom is near the eaves of a home, timber frames may limit the area you are able to position your 3 in 1 combination.

- Use the included handy template when cutting out the roof hole, and always cut a couple mm shorter than recommended. Nothing worse than cutting too big a hole

2 in 1 Combinations

2 in one combinations  are usually just a light plus exhaust. This product is good for situations where ceiling space is limited and can simplify the look of your bathroom or toilet. 

Typical examples is the old toilet light which is missing an exhaust, or individual shower / change room cubicles where a basic light and exhaust is needed. Available now in black, white or silver trims.

Exhaust only or Heat only fixtures

Did you know at TLG, we also stock a range of exhaust and heat only fixtures? their descriptions are self explanatory, but do check them out!


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