VOSSLOH-SCHWABE PrimeLine LED Drivers 16-38W with Selectable Current 300-1050mA DALI Dimmable

by VS

Product Features:

  • Selectable Current in 50mA increments via dip switches (300-1050mA)
  • Dali Dimmable
  • Compact casing shape
  • For independent operation with cord grip
  • For built-in without cord grip
  • Dimensions: L146.5mm x W43.2mm x H30.1mm

Vossloh Schwabe Primeline Current Chart


• The required current output can be chosen by dip switches
• Suitable for central battery system for emergency lighting acc. to EN 50172

Electrical Features:

• Mains voltage: 220–240 V ±10%
• Mains frequency: 50–60 Hz
• DC operation: 170–280 V, 0 Hz
• Push-in terminals: 0.5–1.5 mm²
• Power factor at 12 W: 0.95
• Standby losses: < 0.5 W
• Max. operation voltage without load (UOUT): 60 V
• Secondary side switching of LED modules is not allowed


• Dimming function is achieved by applying an analogue dimming signal to the nominal current.
• Dimming range: 1 to 100%
• If no dimming interface is connected, brightness will stay at 100%

Safety Features:

• Protection against transient main peaks up to 2 kV (between L and N)
• Electronic short-circuit protection
• Overload protection
• Overtemperature protection
• Protection against "no load" operation
• Degree of protection: IP20
• Protection class I (built-in version); protection class II* (independent version)