HELLA LED Driving Light Bar 470 35W High Beam | Pencil Beam


Hella's range of high performance LED light bars are dust and waterproof, offering unparalleled brightness with options for roof, bullbar and license plate mounting. With both High Beam and Pencil Beam configurations available, drivers can choose the unit that best suits their needs. The multi-volt 9-33V input means the unit will function on a wide range of voltages. The IP6K9K level of protection means the lightbar can be subject to high pressure/steam jet cleaning.

HIGH BEAM 20~ Meters either side 330~ Meters
PENCIL BEAM 10~ Meters either side 420 ~ Meters

The 470 series features:

  • 113,000 candela
  • Reverse polarity and transient spike protection
  • Pre-wired with 2.5m of tinned multi-core cable
  • Corrosion-proof housing
  • Adjustable tilt