DAVIS ASCELLA Slim/Wide Body Indoor LED Battens 4K 20W | 35W | SLIM | WIDE BODY


This multi-purpose LED luminaire is suitable for domestic and many commercial applications, providing optimum lighting levels (up to 3700 lm) and minimal running costs.

Both slim- and wide-body models are available in a number of power and colour temperature variations, and all units feature a PMMA frosted diffuser.

An ideal retrofit solution, the Ascella range will typically replace a single or double tube batten(2 x 36w T8 or 2 x 28w T5). The wide body Ascella is particularly handy when ugly paint outlines from previous battens are present. Surface area of coverage of these units are bellow:

Slimline Batten 1190 x 64mm 1190 x 64 x 72mm
Wide Body Batten 1190 x 125mm 1190 x 125 x 67mm


Ascella is designed for surface mounting and offers quick and easy installation, not to mention near-zero maintenance. Ascella also features end cap knockouts for in-line mounting, or end-to-end mounting allowing for continuous ceiling runs without the eyesore of exposed conduit.


  • Osram high performance driver
  • Slim- and wide-body models
  • IP20 Indoor use only
  • PMMA frosted diffuser
  • Chassis and accessory metal surfaces treated and degreased, finished in a white polyester-epoxy powdercoat and baked for unprecedented protection and the highest quality finish
  • 50,000 hr LEDs
  • Energy efficient electronic control gear
  • Surface mounting
  • Knockouts for in-line mounting
  • Quick and easy installation

Dimmable and Single Point emergency options are available on special request and project basis. Contact us for more details.


20W 1200mm Batten 2,800 lm 1 x 28W T5
35W 1200mm Batten 3,700 lm 2 x 28W T5