Commercial Grade 15 Meter/15 Lamp Extendable Festoon lighting IP65 3000K | 6500K WHITE | BLACK

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This commercial grade festoon light is not your typical festoon light, being rated for 240volt mains applications either via hard wire, or by 2 pin plug. UV stabilised and IP rated(Only when sealed with lamp) through rubber sealings, this festoon light is built for our demanding Australian conditions.

Lighting Length for this unit is 1 meter between lights and includes a connection tail of 1.5 meters

The unit can be extended through additional units up to maximum recommended length of 45 meters (3 units).

This festoon is suitable for both halogen, fluoro and LED lights to a maximum load of 1000W

Coming lamped or lampless, the creative oppurtunities and applications of this unit is limitless.


Easy to install class II double insulated cable connection

Extendable tail and end up to recommended 45 meters (3 units)

Extendable Tail

IP Rated through rubber sealing to IP65 (Lamps must be installed)

Rubber Sealing

High durability UV stabilized neoprene rubber cable construction

Temperature Rating: -25°C to +60°C

Max Load: 1000W

Available in Black or White finishes

*This product is recommended to be installed by a licenced electrician


45mm(No Lamp)/105mm(With Lamp) x 50mm x 15000mm(No power cord) / 165000 (With 1.5m power cord)